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Our recent Vancrafted Studio x ABLE jewelry collaboration with Vancrafted Studio founder, Madison Hampton, was an inspiring experience that produced a unique collection of jewelry that sold out overnight.

This Thursday, October 21, we will be releasing another limited run of the collection. Mark your calendars! While we wait, we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes insight through a personal Q&A with Madison so you can learn how this collection came to be and why it's so special.

While traveling in a van across America in 2014, Madison Hampton taught herself how to make artisan jewelry, sitting on a cooler that doubled as a chair. With the support of her husband and the lessons she learned on the road, she built a jewelry business that's focused on empowering women to believe in themselves and their dreams.

When we heard about Madison's unique story, we saw an opportunity to partner together and lift each other up. Madison could bring her artisanal background to ABLE's jewelry team and we could help scale her business by introducing her to our audience. And that’s how the Vancrafted Studio x ABLE Collection was born.

Madison came to Nashville and taught our jewelry team a brand new skill set. The result was a limited-run jewelry collection, featuring 7 limited-edition pieces made of sterling silver, all-natural turquoise cabochon, and unique symbols and settings inspired by the mountains of Montana, where Madison calls home.

In honor of this limited edition collection, we asked Madison a few questions about her inspiration for these pieces, her experience with ABLE, and the bigger purpose behind it all.

What initially drew you to ABLE?

My first introduction to ABLE actually happened a few years ago. I was browsing in a local clothing store here in Bozeman, Montana, when I spotted a beautiful leather bag that I just had to have, so I gleefully purchased it. Upon returning home, I decided to research the company that had made my new favorite bag. Turns out, that company was ABLE! After reading up on what their mission is and how they support women, I was even more in love with my new bag and that much more excited about my purchase. When ABLE reached out to see if I wanted to partner, my answer was an easy ‘yes!’ I couldn’t wait to work with them, and in doing so have the opportunity to be even a small part of their mission.

From your perspective, what makes this partnership so unique?

On a super general scale, ABLE’s mission is to support women. Our ABLE x Vancrafted Studio collaboration is no exception. For a small business like mine, that really started from zero, it can be tough to grow, expand your audience and scale your business, but when partnering with a larger platform, it can really move the needle in relation to growth, and ABLE was that for me. I found myself being one of the many women they lift up and support. And together, we were able to elevate each other’s strengths.

Why are these pieces different from others?

From the designs that I dreamt up that come complete with meaning and depth, to the hands of the inspiring women that created them in the ABLE Jewelry Studio, these pieces and the feelings that they evoke cannot be found anywhere else. To me, that is the difference between a piece of art, and a simple piece of jewelry. This collection serves as a shining example of true artwork, and we are collectively so proud of it.

What do you love most about these pieces?

The hidden meaning and inspiration within each of the designs. For example, the Compass design came about during a period of time where I made some risky decisions for my business and saw them pay off. Throughout that process, I learned to trust my inner compass, and in turn, created the Compass design.

Another example is the ‘Open Road’ Beam Ring. It is actually a continuation of a ring that I made for my husband, Gage, out of our van in 2015. This ring was rustic, and had ‘OPEN ROAD’ stamped on the inside. At the time, I had stamped these words in a literal sense. But as time went on, I realized that this ring meant more than that. To me, it means living life on your terms and seeking what makes you happy – not what makes others happy.

Where did you draw inspiration from in your design process?

I take inspiration from my real-life experiences and surroundings. This could look like applying a design to metal, or flipping through one of the many sketchbooks I have dating back to 2014, when I was living and creating on the road full time. I was so excited when the team at ABLE not only supported the notions of this process, but thought what I had sketched out would be just as perfect for all of you.

What do you hope customers feel and experience when wearing this collection?

We want you to feel confident enough to take risks, and to truly trust yourself and your inner compass. We want that feeling for all women, because it is so empowering to understand that dreaming big is OK. We hope you feel like you can do anything, because you really can.


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October 15, 2021 — sarah squires

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