Capsule wardrobe seems to be a big buzz phrase lately, especially in the ethical and sustainable fashion world. So, what does it mean? According to Cambridge Dictionary, it’s a small collection of clothes that can be put together in different ways. Seems simple enough, right?

With the arrival of the new year, I’m challenging myself to live by this method. I’ve chosen 1 pair of ABLE bottoms, 5 tops, and 1 pair of shoes for the month of January, and I’ll be intermixing a few pieces from my own closet. I’ll swap a few pieces here and there as the seasons change, but the goal is to stick with a few of the same basics throughout the year.

Why am I doing this? I want to lean into the idea that “less is more” and have a closet that supports me all year long; I want to shed the feeling of needing to constantly buy. I don’t know about you, but when I stepped into the ethical and sustainable fashion world and started caring more about where my dollars were spent, my shopping patterns significantly altered. I stopped shopping and felt like I was stuck with a lot of trendy fast fashion pieces that I didn’t want to toss, for fear of being wasteful, yet it was hard to figure out how to create a lot of looks without the basics. Sometimes all you need to revive your closet are some quality essentials, cue - Mae Drapey Tee and Whitney Boyfriend Jeans.

When you can learn to mix the trendier items with the foundational items, you’ll discover a more well-balanced wardrobe that can withstand time. Not to mention, you’ll more than likely save a little money and a whole lot of hassle.


Look #1: Editorial Chic

Featuring the Mae Drapey Tee

You can do anything with a white tee! I chose to keep this one pretty simple to really focus on the tailoring of the pants and the weight of the loafers. If I wanted to, I could add some minimal gold jewelry and an oversized blazer.

Look #2: Polished Sporty

Featuring the Anika Tank and Blake Sneakers

You’d be surprised, but the Anika Tank inspired this look. I know, so simple right? But, I knew I wanted to wear the tank with something layered over top -- I just didn’t know what. Once I found the striped button down to go with it, I immediately wanted to turn this look into something more sporty. That’s when I added the cargo pants and Blake Sneakers, and dressed it up with some gold chains.

Look #3: Conference Room Queen

Featuring the Long Sleeve Mae Drapey Tee

Okay okay, blazers don’t always signal “business,” “work,” “conference room,” but I sure felt powerful once I turned this into an all black look with some structured shoulders and a small heel. Replace a blouse with an easy tee, and your outfit is just as polished as before. I could easily swap the pants and shoes for jeans and sneakers, and have another look without changing the top at all.

Look #4: Grocery Store Tins

Featuring the Marlowe V-Neck Sweater, Whitney Boyfriend Jeans, and Blake Sneakers

Relaxed jeans and sneakers are giving me life these days! Something about it feels so effortlessly cool. It’s all about balance with a relaxed-fit jean -- if it’s looser on the bottom, balance it out up top with a more slimming and/or cropped top. The Marlowe V-Neck Sweater is slimming throughout the body, but just short enough so that I can still show off my waist.

Look #5: 90s Babe

Featuring the Isabel Rib Sweater

This sweater comes with a matching set of pants, but I really wanted to get another use out of the top so I paired it with a straight, vintage pair of denim. The sleeves of the sweater are a bit more full than the body of the sweater which played in my favor when tucking the sweater into the jeans. The high waist of my jeans helped to cinch any extra fabric while still showing off my shape. I added a chunkier shoe to balance out the voluminous top and the straight bottom.

January 25, 2022 — sarah squires

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