“I’m so honored to be able to partner with ABLE to bring you this minimalist, handmade, California-inspired jewelry collection. I have always been drawn to their mission-driven approach to business and commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. It’s so rare to find in the fashion world, and as soon as I heard their story, I knew I’d be a fan forever.

All of their jewelry — including each piece in this collection — is made in-house, by hand in Nashville, TN. Whether you pair the pieces of the collection together or wear them separately, I hope these pieces will bring you joy and make you feel empowered when you wear them.

The truth is, I care most deeply about the woman who is ultimately going to wear the pieces I design. It’s my desire to come alongside that woman (that means YOU!) on her journey toward self-acceptance and self-worth that is not dependent on her physical body — and for that woman to know that she is worthy of the luxury of a piece of jewelry, no matter her size. I want that woman to remember her worth and value every time she puts on a piece of this jewelry, knowing that she doesn’t need to change her body in order to be loved and accepted.”


Minimal & Handmade

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